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Awards & Qualifications

OkHSA offers 14 High Point & Reserve Awards for each Show and Year-End

  • Open
  • Amateur
  • Novice Amateur
  • W/T Amateur
  • Youth
  • Novice Youth
  • W/T Youth
  • Open Ranch
  • Amateur Ranch
  • Novice Amateur Ranch
  • W/T Amateur Ranch
  • Youth Ranch
  • Novice Youth Ranch
  • W/T Youth Ranch

For Breakdown of Classes that Count Towards each High Point Award, see the 'Exhibitor Levels & Classes' page.

  • Only exhibitors who are current members of OkHSA will receive points and be eligible for awards

  • Points accumulated prior to becoming a member will not count towards any awards

  • All points are calculated by exhibitor/horse combination

  • To be eligible for year-end awards, you must compete at the required number of shows during the show year.

    • For 2022 the requirement is 3 shows​

  • Show Awards​

    • A High Point and Reserve is awarded for each of the 11 High Point divisions at each show​

  • Year-End Awards​

    • A total High Point and Reserve is awarded for each of the 14 High Point divisions at the end of the year (totaling up points from each show)​

    • A class winner is awarded for every class at the end of the year

 For more information, please see the OkHSA Handbook.

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